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Estee’s Edit

Who is Estee? The cutest thing to come out of Waterloo... born in snowy Ontario to end up in England ... and when she arrived in her early 20’s ... she arrived a little lost .... nothing a little lipstick couldn’t fix! Googling for a “best lipstick” she realized blogging could be her way.... so to the drug store she went and she has since bloomed into an established highly respected creator in the world of beauty, fashion, design and lifestyle which has led her to become an ambassador for brands such as Lancôme, Garnier and Adidas. Estee also maintains engaging with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and millions of followers Youtube , and is the ultimate #girlboss with a dedicated website, published book, ‘Bloom: Navigating Life and Style’, and a podcast, ‘The Heart of It’ to boot. Young women connect with her vulnerable yet quirky conversations ... and of course, love to hear all about her fave tricks and tips when it comes to navigating Beauty, Love and Life. ”