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Do I Really Need A Toner in My Skin Care Routine?

Tamryn BurgessComment

Toner is that one skin care step that is so underrated, with many people thinking it’s unnecessary or a waste of money.

If you’re using a harsh, conventional brand toner filled with drying ingredients then you may just be right, but if you have yet to experience the benefits of an all natural, antioxidant rich toner then you are seriously missing out!

In this article we’ll share a few top benefits toners provide for the skin, as well as multipurpose ways you can use them.

3 Tips Keep Your Skin Moisturized In Winter So You Have Radiant Skin All Season Long!

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Radiant skin is something we all lust after, but how would you feel if we told you that gorgeous, glowing skin isn’t actually that far out of your reach?

No, really!

At this time of year it may seem that dewy, glowy skin is especially unattainable…

In this article we’ll share a few helpful tips so you can enjoy radiant, beautiful skin no matter how cold it gets, and no matter how many parties you attend.

True Beauty Talk 2018 Recap

Jen FreitasComment

This is our second time around the True Beauty Talk block! This year we went bigger and covered more. The goal was to further the conversation on clean beauty, while connecting brands and industry experts with press and clean beauty lovers, to educate, discuss, explore and ultimately promote a movement towards better beauty. If you weren’t able to make it here’s a lil recap and rundown of the best day!

Masking 101: The Benefits of Facial Masks

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There's no facial treatment I enjoy more than a face mask. It's incredibly beneficial for the skin and allows you to press pause for 10-20 minutes to focus on self-care. If you're new to masking or on the hunt for something new, here are four masks that will help you with your skincare needs and concerns.

Your Spring Skincare Guide

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It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner, and we definitely aren’t complaining. Longer, brighter days, cute outfits, and beach days, what’s not to love! With this time of renewal comes a time to reconsider your winter skincare routine, and start introducing products that are better suited to this happy season.

The Spring Clean | Soap On Skin

Soap on SkinComment

Words to live by: a CLEAN vanity equals a CLEAR conscience. Cleaning up our “self care space” is *not* something we take lightly! Spring weather is approaching fast, so what better time is there to wipe down those dusty countertops and get rid of that lipstick you thought was a good idea…3 years ago?! Here’s the Soap On Skin guide to the ultimate SPRING CLEAN!

Facial Oils That Work For Every Skin Type

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By now you're well aware of the hype surrounding facial oils, but perhaps you're still a little baffled when it comes to figuring out which ones are best for your skin type.  We totally get it! With so many oils on the market, we know it can get a little (actually more than a little!) confusing. Fortunately, we've done the work for you and put together a list of 3 of the best oils that will work on your skin whether it's oily, dry, combination or even sensitive!

How Pure Silver Can Help Your Skin

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Silver has long been valued for its use in jewelry, but did you know it's also found in skincare? Zyderma's Clarifying Cream is our newest addition at the Truth Beauty Company. It can be used by individuals with any skin type that also suffers from acne-prone and problematic skin. It's short, but powerful, ingredient list includes a unique microparticle called MicroSilver BG™, otherwise known as ultra-pure natural silver. 

Eat, Yoga, Love (in Tulum)

Jen FreitasComment

Early February I spent 9 glorious days in Tulum. It was my second time there and I continue to love it … in fact, I think I will try to make this a yearly escape. Here’s a recap of my days …. And many reasons for you to add this to your list of must visit places.

Meet Soap On Skin Beauty Collective

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Hi beauties! We want to introduce you to Soap on Skin, our newest contributor to The Truth Beauty Company journal. You can expect quarterly pieces from SOS this year on topics covering beauty (obviously), routines, products reviews and more! To learn more about how these 2 fabulous ladies started, keep on reading!

Winter Packing Getaway | Tulum Edition

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Did you know that not all Canadians love winter? In fact, winter is my least favorite season … all the bundling in layers of clothes so you don’t get frostbite, the sludging through shoe-ruining salt and slush, and dusk at 4 pm makes me long for warm breezes and sunshine … and so like many other warm weather loving Canadians, I planned myself a winter getaway….