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How Pure Silver Can Help Your Skin

Angélique Shearer-KudelComment

Silver has long been valued for its use in jewelry, but did you know it's also found in skincare? Zyderma's Clarifying Cream is our newest addition at the Truth Beauty Company. It can be used by individuals with any skin type that also suffers from acne-prone and problematic skin. It's short, but powerful, ingredient list includes a unique microparticle called MicroSilver BG™, otherwise known as ultra-pure natural silver. 

Eat, Yoga, Love (in Tulum)

Jen FreitasComment

Early February I spent 9 glorious days in Tulum. It was my second time there and I continue to love it … in fact, I think I will try to make this a yearly escape. Here’s a recap of my days …. And many reasons for you to add this to your list of must visit places.

Meet Soap On Skin Beauty Collective

Jen FreitasComment

Hi beauties! We want to introduce you to Soap on Skin, our newest contributor to The Truth Beauty Company journal. You can expect quarterly pieces from SOS this year on topics covering beauty (obviously), routines, products reviews and more! To learn more about how these 2 fabulous ladies started, keep on reading!

Winter Packing Getaway | Tulum Edition

Jen FreitasComment

Did you know that not all Canadians love winter? In fact, winter is my least favorite season … all the bundling in layers of clothes so you don’t get frostbite, the sludging through shoe-ruining salt and slush, and dusk at 4 pm makes me long for warm breezes and sunshine … and so like many other warm weather loving Canadians, I planned myself a winter getaway….

Transport and shift through Scent

Jen FreitasComment

Sometimes you give everything you have to a project or task, maybe even a person and sometimes things just don’t turn out how you planned. For myself, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, it is hard when this happens - I see it as failure; and my emotions as a result, drown me for days.

Clove + Hallow Launch Re-Cap

Jen FreitasComment

The home of maple syrup, hockey and over-thanking…. At least, that is what is generally thought of Canada. Along with the aforementioned items, one would think that cold naturally is part of our reality…. but on Tuesday, September the 26th, Ontario was hit by a HEAT WAVE! Although unexpected, it complimented what we were doing as our make-up was put to the test!

Why You Should Never Pick Your Pimples

Jen FreitasComment

It may be frustrating when a big ol’ conker just seems to hang around forever, but by trying to speed the process along, you will only prolong the healing process. By opening up a pimple you are exposing it to dirt and bacteria, which will cause your pimples to become an angry red and feel pretty painful.

Evening Rituals

Jen FreitasComment

It’s a very go, go, go life I lead as a single mother to 8 year old twins and as an entrepreneur. Often times, I feel overwhelmed; with a heavy energy or pressure around me - I feel the need to accomplish everything on my plate and to please those around me. It’s exhausting.