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Jen FreitasComment

Many people come into the shop and ask me about toners. “do I need one?”, “what is the benefit of a toner?”, “when do I use one?”


Perhaps, toners have received a bad rap because we went through a point in time when the cosmetic industry was pushing toners made from alcohol, fragrance and other skin-irritating ingredients. Those are the toners that you should be doing without! But there is a new breed of toners out there!


Toners are a quick, easy and often-overlooked step in a skincare routine; the right toner for your skin type acts as a catalyst for the ingredients that follow in your serum or moisturizer.

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner

Other benefits of using a toner are:


Toners will help balance skin, in addition to prepping the tissue to absorb serums and moisturizers (cleansing is a necessary prior step but can leave skin unbalanced);


Toners remove help remove any traces of cleanser, dirt or impurities that have been left on the skin;


Toners can also assist in tightening pores.


So what is the routine? Simple rule to follow is to apply your products on in the order of their weight; cleanse your skin, then follow with toner, then serum and / or targeted treatment, and then lastly, your moisturizer / SPF. (Note: your skin should still be dewy from your toner when you apply your serum).   


Some of our favorite toners here at TTBC: Shamanuti’s Seaweed Toner (with vegan hyaluronic acid), Belmondo’s After the Rain Toner (which evens skin tone and neutralizes pH) or SmithFarms (rich with minerals and antixoidants that scavenge free radicals and improve cell structure).


After The Rain Toner


Try adding a toner to your daily routine and be sure to let us know what you think! We are certain your skin will just love it!