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Face Fall

Jen FreitasComment

Fall means we begin to lose a bit of our summer glow; our days enjoying sunshiney parks and patios are gone, and so begins the fading of the warmth that was left by the sun. Don’t fret though! Fall brings the cool gusts of winds that add the pinky flush to our cheeks – so fresh! And if you grab a good bronzer; it will help transition your make-up look from the summer season to sweater season!

Personally, I really love the changing of the seasons! It gives me good reason to freshen up my looks without it looking like I am trying to be a fashionista! Since the simplest change can come from your make-up, let’s see what is trending for Fall 2014! 

1.       Bold brows remain current, although we are starting to see a bit of an arch make a comeback. The arch is nice because it brings a bit more femininity to the look. I really love this trend as eyebrows can really draw attention to ones other facial features.

2.       Burgundy everywhere! On lips, deep jewel ruby tones remain prevalent! We also see the warmth of this red appearing on nails.

3.       Green shadows made an appearance on the runways for Fall 2014 but don’t be scared! Soft greens are actually sooo pretty. On darker skin-tones, you will see the gray / blue tones accented – it could definitely work with a smoldering eye look. On Asian skin tones we see the gold pop. On olivey tones, because they can absorb more colour, it’s best to go with a shade that has a yellow tinge; it is a surefire way to highlight the eyes. However, because green shadow does make a statement, you want to ensure the rest of your make-up look is somewhat understated.

4.       Speaking of a smoldering look, the smokey eye has gone brown! It makes the look a bit more daytime and really softens it. Personally, I really enjoy using an angle brush to line the eyes – I can smudge and soften, achieving a near perfect smokey look! It also allows me to make use of all those dark shadows I barely wear!

5.       Eyeliner! Lined eyes continues to be a trend – whether it be rimming the eye to enhance its definition or the winged look, eyeliner continues to be a staple in current make-up looks.

6.       Art-deco for the face! Think jewel tones (deep emeralds and blues) for your eyes and ruby red lips! Stunning yet classic!

7.       Glittery brown lips. This one is a harder one to pull off but if you have the right colouring – think paler skin, hair that highlights red – it can be a really stunning look! If you are not as daring try something a little more sheer but still with the neutral tinge and sparkle.  

8.       Silver shadow! Use a metallic eyeliner for more intensity and if you want to go all out, you can apply a gloss for a high impact shine! Be warned it will grease though so the gloss is best used for looks that will only be maintained for a short while!  Not only silver but metallic really is everywhere – lips & lids! 

9.       Lastly, perfectly matte skin.  Oil does not make an appearance but instead you are aiming for a flawless complexion so make sure you have the right foundations to even out skin tone! But don’t forget to accentuate!  Some luminizer will ensure that you still maintain that glow!