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Before I opened The Truth Beauty Company, I was corporate real estate assistant, to the managing partner in a downtown Toronto law firm; when I was in my 20’s my plan was to become a lawyer but working in a little gray box confirmed that I was meant to do something else.

I felt uninspired. My human interaction was minimal and the work was repetitive. So I took the leap to travel. I ended up living in a small coastal city in Brazil for a year.

Still unclear of what was a head of me, I came back to Canada to raise my twin daughters; then it happened.

I ended up in the city I grew up in but it was missing something HUGE for me; a place to get all my green beauty needs.

I have always been passionate about fashion and beauty but decided to focus on the natural and organic side of things, because ultimately I wanted to make a difference with my life and wanted to be a change that would matter for my daughters.

It is awesome that Green Beauty is now becoming popular – that everyone wants to do as much as they can to be good to their bodies; whether that is yoga, green juicing or switching to clean products.

Want to know what your Truth Beauty maven is stocking in her medicine cabinet right now? Here’s my scoop:

1.      Odacite Acai & Rose Serum ($59.95) I’m obsessed. I don’t know if I was drawn to this because my love for the acai berry, which is the result of eating bowls of it every day while I lived in Brazil or if it was the promise of smoother, firmer, ageless skin. What is keeping me addicted, are the results! It has definitely improved tone, texture and elasticity.  Acai is a superfood – and not just for eating it! This Acai oil is cold pressed and one of the most vital oils; boasting an incredibly high anti-oxidant power!

Acai & Rose Serum By Ocadite

2.     Fitglow Vitamin C Day Serum ($75.95) Yes, another serum; albeit a very different one! This one is light-weight in texture but is a total powerhouse! It is the combo of Ferulic acid/Vitamin C/Vitamin E that work synergistically to provide my skin with the most anti-oxidant benefit! Additionally, the hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil ensure that my skin stays moisturized throughout the day!  

Figaglow Vitamin C Serum

3.     Rebel’s Refinery LipBalm ($8.95) Not only do I start my day with this but I tote it around! I just adore the scent and the cute little package makes me smile each time I open it! Plus, my lips just feel a little softer and a little more dewy each time I use it! Must be the Sweet Almond oil!

Rebel Refinery Lip Balm

4.     Graydon FaceFood  ($29.95) Before I layer on my serums and moisturizers, I start with this gem. After I have washed in the evening or as an extra hydration boost in the am, I apply this mist. Our face tries to maintain a perfect balance of oils and water and this is me helping out my body. Mostly water but with a few key ingredients – ionic minerals (copper, silver and zinc), which provide deep hydration and help boost collagen production, neutralize bacteria, and keep my skin blotchy- free!

Graydon Face Food Face Serum

5.     Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang ($29.95) Sometimes, I just need that subtle pop to make me feel polished – Bang Bang is it! It contains organic ingredients to soothe and condition the lips; trust me, nothing feels this good on your lips – except maybe, kisses. The colour is red – but sheer and increases with intensity if I apply it liberally. It’s literally sheer perfection!  

Ilia Bang Bang Lip Conditioner

So there you have, a little ditty about me and how this all started, and now you are also in the know about some of my current Green Beauty faves!