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It’s summer time and the living is easy … a good sentiment but what if we could apply this to our self-care and not make it seasonal dependent! Keep reading and you will get my tips on how to demystify your beauty routine! I am all about keeping things simple yet beautiful and I want to share!   

Hard to even imagine, but life should not be spent rushing through days, eating bad food or spending too much time trying to achieve the perfect ‘face’; life is so much more than that and all too often we forget how be effortless and how to embrace True Beauty.

Here are some tips on how to un-complicate your approach to Beauty.

1.      Keep it simple but always CLEANSE!

Two things I often run into when asked about proper skin-care – over-washing and under-washing! I can’t imagine having my face feel ‘tight’ especially if it is the result of a harsh cleanser! Make sure yours doesn’t contain harsh detergents (like sodium laureth sulfate and / or sodium lauryl sulfate). If you are more on the dry side, try cleansing only at night or even try a cleansing oil or balm. If you are not washing at all, you are doing a huge disservice to your skin. There is dirt, sweat, grime, pollution and your make-up, all sitting on top of your most precious organ. This yucky stuff can get trapped in your pores causing break-outs and over time you will notice the wrinkles forming. This is a result of the free-radicals left on your face; because you didn’t wash them off they got to work over-time and do the damage you so dreaded.   

2.      Skin-care matters. 

Maintaining that ‘je ne sais quoi’ as you age is a symptom of something you start young – and that something is a good skin-care routine. I am not suggesting you need to go crazy with weekly facials and micro-dermabrasion treatments but you do need to look after your skin daily. Start with a gentle cleanser (see tip 1) and always moisturize! I like to see serums used at night because they pack a nutritional punch in terms of the anti-oxidants being delivered. And it goes without saying (I hope); you need an SPF – and that should always follow your day cream. Don’t discount the long-term benefits of a good skin-care routine; you may not feel like you are doing anything major but trust me, you will be rewarded later in life when all your friends are booking their ‘filler’ appointments.   

3.      Start inside out. 

Really pay attention to all that enters your sacred temple. Food is the beginning of good skin and if you are eating stuff that is highly processed, it probably is lacking in nutrition. Besides your bronzer, know what makes your skin radiate? Anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, good fats and minerals. Where to find those? In a diet that contains an array of colours. Just because something is low calorie, doesn’t mean it is good for you – indulge occasionally because life deserves pleasure but remember the best pleasure is feeling good naturally in your own skin.

4.     Embrace the Pleasure Principle. 

Yes, seek pleasure and avoid pain. Your skincare routine should be a luxurious time for yourself; a time where you can reflect on the day in peace, enjoy your touch and the ritual of using sacred ingredients. When looking for products obviously choose ones for your skin-care goals and skin-type, but ensure you enjoy the texture and scent. You are probably more likely to enjoy the task rather than viewing it as a chore. Also, don’t expect a quick fix or instant gratification – skin-care takes times to show results! Be patient with yourself!

5.      Be yourself.

The only things that last are Truth & Beauty. That is our tag line here at The Truth Beauty Company – clearly we aspire to be beautiful but also to be truthful to ourselves and to our nature. Wonderful botanicals and earthly ingredients can help you achieve an effortless beauty and elegance if you couple that with good diet, good skin-care routine, meditation and physical activity, you will glow. Make-up is a fun tool to play with and enhance your assets but remember less is more! Being bare-faced is the goal these days – want some flush for your cheeks sans a compact? Try a glass of red wine or a kiss from your lover!

6.      Love it all. 

When we talk skin-care it is most often referring to the steps it takes to maintain a flawless complexion but guess what? You have skin below your chin! Pesky bumps on your arms? Exfoliate. Ashy on your thighs? Dry brush and moisturize. Cracking heels? Take a pumice to them and then a healing balm (pun intended). I have to say I really enjoy admiring my naked skin – it’s soft and well cared for. I regularly exfoliate with a sugar scrub, which sloughs off the dead skin, allowing the dewy skin to make an appearance and since these scrubs are made with oils, my skin is also well hydrated when I step out of the shower! Remember good skin – no matter where – starts with prevention, treatment, and maintenance, and you are never too young to start!

7.      Expand your mind. 

Tried and true – that is you (and admittedly, me too) - it is so easy to fall into the habit of what is easy and what is comfortable. Although, I feel most comfortable with a neutral eye and lip and a well contoured and bronzed face, I also know how fun it is to change it up and do a heavier eye or a bold lip! Try it! Spice up your make-up routine and see what it can do for that skip in your step! Rock it ladies – after all, the best thing you can put on is some kick ass self-confidence!