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a new year filled with new intentions

Jen FreitasComment

I am not much of a resolution maker. I am very content with my life; it is obviously a matter of perspective, but as the wise Rumi wrote: 

'Everything in the Universe is within You'

I find so much Truth in that statement; I have the knowledge to eat well and to nourish my body with wholesome goodness. There is always room for conscious improvement though. In 2016 I want to cultivate new wellness habits; with respect to fueling my body I will vow to drink more warm water with lemon, to drink more cold pressed juices (easy thing to do as we are now stocking deliciousness from GoodVibesJuiceCo), and to do a bi-weekly 24 hour fast.

What about my physical home - meaning my body? Again, I have the power to maintain its shape and strength. My yoga practice has been regular - weekly at least for as long as I can remember, but I can do better. In 2016 I will do half an hour of yoga daily with my lovely little girls. Together we will honour our bodies, recognize its strength & power. In the moments we find stillness, we will aim to slow our thoughts and focus on the breath that gives us life. I will also strive to get to 2 hot yoga classes a week (I find a lot of peace in the moments of guidance). 

I also want to make more time for self-care. What does that mean? I am sure to many people it means different things - but to me it means taking care of my skin - with facials steams, massage, long baths and simple admiration of it.

There is also my desire to pay attention to my mind and its growth. Thoughts of beauty are never stagnant, and I know there is sooo much more to read about ways in which I can grow spiritually. 

I am 35, turning 36 .... and there is sooo much more I would like to accomplish in this life - but this year, I am simply focusing on what I an manage. 

I trust the Universe will bring all the external delights in due time. 

What about you? What are some of your intentions for the new year?