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The Spring Clean | Soap On Skin

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Words to live by: a CLEAN vanity equals a CLEAR conscience. Cleaning up our “self care space” is *not* something we take lightly! Spring weather is approaching fast, so what better time is there to wipe down those dusty countertops and get rid of that lipstick you thought was a good idea…3 years ago?! Here’s the Soap On Skin guide to the ultimate SPRING CLEAN!



Take everything (yes, everything) out of your drawer/vanity/counter/medicine cabinet and clean the hell out of it. Having a fresh canvas is essential! Grab a cloth and wipe everything down with non-toxic all over surface spray, or just some vinegar and water. If you’re swapping shiny, new products into your space, let’s make sure their home is *just* as shiny and new. 



Go. Through. Your. Stuff. Makeup expires, and often that’s forgotten! 
If you’re not sure where to start, here’s the general rule:

  • Mascara/liquid eyeliner: 4 months

  • Powders: 2 years

  • Creams, liquids, and lipsticks: 1 year

Remember, this is just a guideline; you know your products, so use your judgment. It’s also important to keep in mind the more natural the product (less preservatives), the shorter the timeline to expiration.

We can all be a little guilty of hoarding products. So, if you’ve taken this opportunity to get rid of quite a bit, remember: these products don’t need to go in the trash. If something you’re no longer using is in good condition, or better yet -unused, give it to someone who might want to give it a try! Also, you can always donate to someone in need through a local charity. 



Now that your space is clean, and you’ve eliminated some product, have a look at what you’ve decided to keep. Take inventory of what’s running out or missing. Do you have all the basics covered in your skin care regimen? 

All you *really* need is: 

Try not to over-complicate. Beauty and skincare are typically two areas that make most people overwhelmed, so remember your skin type, and what you need! Trust us, that doesn’t include everything you saw on the latest #itgtopshelfie. 



There’s nothing better than re-purposing something pretty while it serves a practical function. Yes, this of course includes the obvious – yet, ever so aesthetically pleasing: recycling empty candle jars for brushes, and products on the smaller side (whatever, they’re cute ok?!). On another important spring clean PSA: CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES! Then, they can go in the jar. 

“When I buy a candle, I always make sure I can recycle the beautiful jar it comes in. These containers hold my brushes, daily products, pins, q-tips and cotton pads. I also really enjoy searching vintage stores and garage sales for silver trays and glass dishes to hold some of my bulkier products like perfumes, skin care, and powders. It’s affordable, but aesthetically it reads more luxury.” - H



Spring is the best time to experiment with a new skincare focus, or what you’re makeup look you’re feeling for the warmer months! Perhaps you’re going to indulge in a new clarifying mask or a new bronzer...



Time to lighten things up a bit! Depending on your skin type, switch out those heavy moisturizers and masks for something lighter and more clarifying. Experiment with a new mist or cooling toner to keep in your purse on the go. Lastly, and arguably, most importantly - sun care. It’s important all year round, but with increased temps and more time outdoors, you need to protect your skin! We like mineral based SPFs best. 



We see you, rain. It’s that time of year, so make sure you have a good dry shampoo and styling products on hand to control frizz depending on your hair type.



BRONZE IT UP! Time to play up some of your favourite features with a warm, healthy glow. This can mean trying out a new bronzer, investing in a new highlighter, or even a body oil with some pigment. Experiment with your nail colour, too! Nothing wrong with going for a bold colour, or pastels as the sun starts to shine a little more. (Guilty!) 



If you didn’t have a chance to learn a little bit more about who we are in our last post, read on here! The philosophy behind SOS is all about finding a healthy balance and trying to eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals from our beauty/self care routine. Challenge yourself to take one daily use item (skin is your biggest organ, think: body wash, body lotion, foundation) and swap it out for a cleaner alternative. It’s a spring clean from the inside out! 



“The ultimate Spring Clean for your face: go for a facial! It’s the most relaxing way to reset inside, and out. Your skin might take a few days to recover from extractions, but there’s nothing better than knowing you’re starting a new season with a blank slate, and de-congested pores.” - S